A MIGHTY HEART” by Mariane Pearl is an elaborative account of Daniel Pearl’s abduction, intense efforts to rescue him and the aftermath. Mariane and Daniel Pearl were two journalists who fell in love with each other and in love with journalism. Mariane and her rescue team’s courage and determination have been very well elucidated in the book. I would appreciate the book on three fronts:-1.Insights into Journalism – Author presents Daniel’s idea of journalism as a means to eradicate the hatred which reins in many hearts. Daniel in his professional sphere extends journalism beyond “news making” to “altruism”. He has also raised his concern about the hazards a journalist counters round the world.

2.Insights into Courage and Non-defiant spirit – Daniel the protagonist exhibits his courage to stand for truth even at the face of death. His courage and understanding of journalism principles makes him travel around the globe. Mariane, Daniel’s wife is also seen dauntlessly putting efforts to rescue Daniel. Even after his murder she fights to put journalism at the forefront of the fight against terrorism.

3.Insights into Terrorism – Mariane presents her experience with terrorism meticulously in the account. She believes that the invisible enemy “Hatred” in the form of terrorism is not just hazardous for America but for the whole world. Ignorance and poverty are some of the pillars on which the dais of terrorism stands. Simultaneously she presents next generation terrorists in a character named “Omar” who are educated and have bonds with the east and the west.