Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai shot at NMIMS

Well, Riteish proved to be a good entertainer than me and most of my friends thought him to be. The visit was scheduled to shoot a video album for the film “Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai”. The actor accompanied by actress Jacqueline Fernandes, actor Vishal, Ruslaan, Sonal and Shaan. The shoot was fun and Riteish was very entertaining. Hope to see ourselves immortalized in the movie. Till then you can watch a few shots I captured using my mobile phone.


Special Edition “B-School Compendium” is really Special

Magazines like Business Today often come up with Special Editions featuring a specific topic. A recent special edition of Business Today named “B-School Compendium” raised questions on credibility of the source of information of these special editions and also pose question on the research work behind the articles presented in the edition. So can one call these editions really “special editions”? Some of the faulty work of the magazine are presented in the blog.

Article “Programs at NMIMS” in Page 63 by Bobonkanta Yumnan lists out programs at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) viz MBA Core, MBA Actuarial Science and MBA Pharmaceuticals. However, the author misses out other prominent regular MBA courses to which admissions are offered this year viz MBA Capital Markets and MBA Banking. The research work behind the article is questionable as the details of the courses which are missing in the article are a few clicks away if one is on Internet or is at the home page of NMIMS.

Similarly, the article on Jamnalal Bajaj Institue of Management Sciences (JBIMS) cites JBIMS accepting MAT scores which is contrary to what the official website for MAT (AIMA) says. The factual error presented in the article can be easily sighted by a B-School aspirant and readers associated with B-Schools who form the target audience of the special edition.  Comment on factual error on JBIMS admission on Business Today’s webpage by Nikhil Daniel can be read hereComment By Nikhil.

“Sir, In the B School Compendium released by Business Today in this month, Jamnalal Bajaj Institue of Management Sciences is cited as one of the colleges accepting MAT scores which is contrary to what the official website for MAT (AIMA) says. Need a clarification for the same as such details could lead people to wrong conclusions. Regards, Nikhil Daniel”

It seems that target audience of these special editions need to cross check the facts and articles presented in the special edition and needs to be extra attentive while reading. Interestingly, these special editions are not special because they feature specific topics but because they require special attention of the readers.

Watch Out! We are MBA

As a reader, I do not have much flair for reading “Indian Authors” and consequentially my reading of “Indian Authors” has been very limited and hence the reason for me to pick the book “Watch Out! We are MBA” from the stands was that the author “Nishant Kaushik” of the book is an alumnus of my B-School NMIMS, Mumbai.

The novel can be easily categorized into stereotyped class of novels which present a plot constructed in college with friends being the protagonist of the plot. The novel in the discussion presents the protagonist of the novel Nakul’s MBA journey in the B-School campus. Nakul fails to cope with the hardships of the tiring MBA at NMIMS and turns to be directionless in the majority of his journey in the school lest the last few pages of the novel. Nakul’s stay in the B-School is presented to be heavily influenced by his peer group and social circle. The story revolves around this peer group of Nakul and its impact on his personal life and professional dynamics.

The author is definitely quick witted and possesses sense of humour. The presentation of the scene local trains of Mumbai coupled with a few other smaller anecdotes in the novel indicates the deftness in writing capabilities of the author. Usage of management lingos like division of labour, strategize etc in the novel is common among many B-School authors as is the case with Nishant.

Being more acquainted with writings of foreign authors, I had expected a greater description of scenes and characters in the novel. The novel is a fast read and does not offer the luxury to the reader to bask in the elaborate and lengthy descriptions of characters and scenes as presented by many renowned foreign authors.

The book will make a good connect with B-School alumni and present B-Schoolers. Summer Internship, CGPA’s role in placement season and tiring assignments/presentations should easily make connect with the readers associated with B-Schools. Book is also a recommend for B-School aspirants, which can offer insights into B-School life awaiting them in the future. Overall, I offer a 3 of 5 Stars Rating.

Happy Reading!!!