Ernesto “Che” Guevara in his notes on a Latin American Journey has given a superficial account of Latin America. Guevara, a medical student when he took up the journey with his friend Alberto pens down a brief account of journey which educates him of the actual face of life in Latin America. The bike named La Poderosa II on which the journey started broke halfway and the journey proved more harsh as they were left as hitch hitkers and stowaways. A part of journey in the sea as stowaways and in the wooden raft etched numerous memories in the minds of Che.


He talks about the lepors in Easter Island and the love of football in America. Their usual places of stay during the period of journey were hospitals and civil guard huts. He admires the hospitality of Peruvians and at the same time detests the hardships forced upon them by the nature (the mosquito attacks on virgin flesh, asthama attacks, severe cold etc).

The journey was one of the very turning points in life of Guevara which transformed him into a personality of great influence in politics of Cuba. He is also very asthetic in admiring the ancient monuments of Machu Picchu and laments the pathetic medical facilities availble in Eastern Island for the lepors. He also relects his thoughts on the political battle fought between the coalition of nationalist and left-wing in Chile over Coal Mines. The book not only gives you the option to read but an option to compare your imagination to the actual scenes and conditions visited by Che in the form of 22 pages of photographs. The book is a fantastic read for Trekkers and also for non trekkers.