2011 Ramblings’ Reportcard

2011 annual report for my blog

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. My blog was viewed about 7,400 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

The big 5 of the year are –

Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? (Review of a personal favorite book by McKinsey alumnus. A must read for management guys)

Google Docs as Database (Technical post on using Google Spreadsheet as a database)

Book Review – The Goal by Goldratt (A review of recommended book for operations personnel)

Book Review – Creation of Wealth CSR P  (A school assignment turned into blog)

Marketing Myopia – The Cause of Low In (Marketing gyan from b-school days)

My personal favorites of the year Shit happens,let the buck stop and a poem With you I lived my sweetest part

Click here to see the complete report.

Wish you a very happy new year.


Web Analytic Solutions for Effective Blogging

Marketing professionals profess that a marketer should assess his target market in designing the product and in improving/customizing his product. Understanding target market/audience is of utmost important for customer satisfaction, demand generation and consequentially sales generation. Similar is the approach a blogger needs to adopt while drafting his blogs i.e

  1. Understand/Assess your target reader
  2. Design your blog
  3. Measure/monitor reader satisfaction & Return on Efforts “ROE”

UNDERSTANDING THE TARGET AUDIENCE This blog will deal only with the usage of Web Analytic Solutions for understanding target audience while the third step “Measuring ROE” shall be dealt in the next blog.

A blog is generally considered to be an autonomous medium to express an author’s opinion about his topics of interest. However, blog also happens to be a measure of an author’s ability to intrigue his readers and hence a measure of his writing skills. This desire to measure and improve his/her ability to write has led the authors to undertake steps to understand their target audience. Understanding the blog target audience may include some or many of the following items:

  1. Topics of interest of the reader
  2. Demographics of the reader
  3. Satisfaction level of the reader

The desire to understand the target audience combined with the fact that in the current era blogs have effectively turned into monetary instruments has brought into existence web analytic solutions like

  1. WordPress Stats (specifically for WordPress Blogs)
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Webmaster
  4. Yahoo Site Explorer
  5. Bing Webmaster Center etc.

These services offer information and metrics which can be effectively put into use in analysing target audience, improving traffic to sites/blogs and measuring marketing efforts (internet marketing efforts).

How to use web analytics to understand the above mentioned parameters related to your target audience?

Item Information/Metrics that can be helpful to understand the item in argument Solution providing the metric/information
Topic of interest of the reader
  1. Inlink Data
  2. Outlink Data
  3. Referrer
All the mentioned solutions
Inlink Data and Referrer lists the pages/websites from where the reader has reached your blog/site by clicking a link to your blog/site. View ExampleOutlink Data lists the pages/websites to which the reader has moved to post reading/surfing your blog/site by clicking a link on your blog/site.
Topic of interest of the reader
  1. Search Keywords
All the mentioned solutions
Search Keywords gives an indication of topic of interests of the reader which shall be related to your blog’s subject. Hence is a strong but subjective way of assessing reader’s topic of interest. In the example reader of the blog “India an OniomaniacPolitan of the World” has searched the blog with the keyword “Carrafeur” and therefore it can be inferred that the reader will also be interested in reading blogs about Modern Retail.
Demographics of the reader (Location)
  1. Location of the reader
Only Google Analytics
Google Analytic Solutions offers Map Overlay feature which allows the user to identify the location of the reader. The feature also provides the user with details related to location of the reader like City, Country, Sub Continent Region and Continent to which the reader belongs. View Example
Satisfaction Level of the reader
  1. Ratings of the blog
  2. Average Time Spent on the blog by the reader
  3. Subscriptions
  1. Rating by WordPress
  2. Average time by Google Analytics
  3. All the solutions

Steps post assessing your target audience consists of developing and drafting blogs as per the needs of the target audience and then subsequently monitor your return on efforts “ROE”. The section ROE “Return on Efforts” will be dealt in the next blog.

Please find below snapshots of some of the features (described above) by the mentioned Web Analytic Solutions. Also find attached a Guide on Search Engine Optimization by Google. Happy Blogging!!!

Assessing B-School Reality

With B-School admission process round the corner, prospective students are busy filling forms of the admit exams and colleges. The decision of choosing a prospective B-School amidst large number of B-Schools is one of the most difficult phase in the admission process for a prospective student. Traditionally, B-School Surveys, Word of Mouth about college, Website and Placement Figures were some of the cues which helped students choose a school. These means miss one of the 7 P’s of Service Marketing i.e. “Physical Evidence” hence do not reflect true internal value of the school. 

Majority of the B-schools in India notoriously place them behind veils. Many of the B-School students complaint about heavy fake advertising by some B-Schools which does not indicate the true value of the B-School and its student community. Then, how can a prospective student see through these artificial clouds to understand the reality of the B-Schools?

Information Technology comes to our rescue. With the proliferation of information technology, the means and measures of selecting a B-School has been changing tremendously. Advent of MBA forums like PagalGuy.Com, MbaClubIndia.com, TotalGadha.com etc have made a difference in how and what information prospective MBA student looks for. These forums have an influx of B-School Students, B-Schools Alumni, B-School Counsellors and Prospective students who share their views and opinions. A visit to the following the following thread Which B-Schools to Apply? can give an insight into how B-School Students and Prospective Students collaborate to gain better insights into the B-Schools. Observing this trend many of the B-Schools have initiated admission teams catering admission related information to such forums and resolving admission related queries of the forum users.

One of the means of information for the prospective students which I recently discovered  is BLOGS. Blogs of B-School students, alumni and professors can give a very true indication of the B-School. Blog boom in B-School and Learning via Blogs in B-School present a change which IT has brought in the B-School community. Students, Alumni and Professors voice their opinions and views via blogs and indirectly give out the reality behind the veil. These blogs can be a source of information directly from the horses’ nose and hence can be used by prospective students seeking admissions.

One may question “These IT means mentioned above too can be faked to present an unreal reality about the school. So how does one completely rely on these?”.  The answer is “A prospective Manager needs to evaluate the information about the schools available via various means and then take an informed decision. Furthermore, a smart manager is supposed to take good decisions amidst uncertanity. Isn’t it?” Selecting an apt B-School is also a test for prospective B-School managers !!!!!