Brief account of my experience with GoIbibo: Tale of broken processes and technical glitches

The intention of the note is to make customers aware of potential discrepancies in GoIbibo’s processes and systems which may affect the value of the ticket or refund resulting in incorrect charging. Unfortunately in absence of any grievance addressing channels handled by a non-customer service division, I have taken this channel to bring this incidence to the notice of customers, regulators (if any), and management.


I had booked a 2-leg itinerary for 2 passengers. Due to change in travel plans, I had requested for cancellation and rescheduling of the tickets. Cancellation / reschedule process broke at many points and had discrepancies due to which the following issues were observed:

  • Only 1 leg of the ticket was cancelled against the two-legs for which the request was made. Reminder message from airlines [2 days before the travel date] helped me identify the issue
    • 1st follow-up [2 days prior to the travel date] to cancel the ticket was inaccurately confirmed and acknowledged by CS agent but was not cancelled by the agent
    • Upon receiving the check-in reminder from the airline [1 day before the travel date], I had to submit a 2nd follow-up request to cancel the ticket
  • Leg 1 refund value was initially calculated as INR 192 by GoIbibo but later contested [nearly 30+ days later]
    • 30 days later GoIbibo inaccurately calculated the refund value as INR -58 but after multiple email conversations / calls agreed to refund INR 192
    • GoIbibo claims that INR -58 is the correct value and is now offering the refund of INR 192 only as a courtesy and INR 192 was calculated as a result on technical glitch
    • In the refund calculation, GoIbibo seems to have excluded convenience fee of INR 250 which explains the difference between the two refund values calculated by GoIbibo
  • Leg 2 refund value (INR 322) was inaccurately adjusted in the rescheduled ticket which resulted in overcharging of INR 100 to my credit card
    • Detailed invoice provided by GoIbibo indicates the correct value to be charged to the card. However the payment system had inaccurately charged the card
    • GoIbibo claims to be facing technical glitches due to which invoices are not updated or accurately generated


  • Inaccuracies in refund calculations and charging to the customer indicates that these processes are possibly manual in nature and are not reliable. GoIbibo customers should be diligent about the invoicing and charging to avoid any inaccurate charging
  • Priority customer service (CS) requests seem to have an aggressive Turn-around Time (TAT) and CS agents seem to rely on unbaked / quickly available information [which may be sometimes inaccurate] to address the query / request. Customers should request for additional information / request confirmation details whenever they suspect inaccuracies in the addressal by customer service
  • Unfortunately customer service agents do not provide any details about grievance addressal and relevant regulatory addressal channels. Hence makes one believe that e-commerce industry is NOT regulated and is in dire need of regulations

If you have faced similar challenges / issues with GoIbibo, please share the same in the comments so that prospective customers, regulators (if any), and management is aware of such incidents.


Kanha – The Pug Land

Kanha National Park”, the house of 70 Nagpur Tigers, is a wonderful watch for nature and wildlife lovers. Situated in the district of Kanha, it is a sanctuary for 70 tigers, 22000 deers, around 1400 bisons and many other mammals. The park is situated around 300 km from Raipur, capital of Chattisgarh. The road to the park is bumpy as you cross the borders of Chattisgarh.

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Once can easily find myriad of resorts near the park and visitors should plan for one day stay in the park. Best time to reach the park is afternoon, post which one can make a visit to the park in the evening and early in the morning next day. Once can easily view deers grazing the grasslands in groups. The park houses 4 kinds of deers: spotted deer, sambar, barking deer & ….. Barking deers are not easily sighted as they live in the dense jungles in the mountains. Bisons & peacocks can be easily sighted in the jungle. Bison in the picture attached is more than 1000kg and live in groups. A group of female bison is headed by a single male bison. Male bisons need to prove their mettle to head a group.

Sal trees are predominant in the forest. They live for more than for 200 years. The slightly broad ones in the pictures are more than 100 years old. The trees are never cut in the park and nature’s law is followed in the jungle (Survival of the fittest). Ghost trees are also easily seen in the jungle, these trees change their color during their life and one can easily relate it to view of the trees in the horror movies. The park is also doted with many grasslands and ponds.

Majority of the tigers in the park are shy in nature and are media shy, however a few are easily seen with their kids in the park. I could not personally see any one of them and hence was slightly disappointed. Around 100 leopards live in the park. Tigers can range from 120 to 200kg in weight while leopards are smaller in size and weigh around 80 kg. Talking about pugs (impression of Tiger’s paws), one can find many pugs in the park. Each tiger owns a distinct pug mark. Pug Marks easily give out details like gender and age of the tiger and are most widely used method to count the tigers and leopards in the park.

A tiger show filmed by Discovery Channel is also screened in the amphitheatre of the park. A few other facilities in the park include internet facilities, souvenir shops, museums etc. Entrance of the park is flanked by many restaurants and jeeps required to tour the park are also easily available at a rental of 1500 and 1000 INR per trip. Tour guides are mandatory for the trips who charge you a fee of INR 150 per trip.

Overall it was a wonderful experience and a recommend to all nature and wildlife lovers.

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