Cognitive science is most simply defined as the scientific study either of mind or of intelligence. It is an interdisciplinary study drawing from relevant fields including psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, linguistics, anthropology, computer science, and biology. 

Researches are being conducted on how to implement Cognitive Science in the UI design of software. It has been established that the design of UI will affect the performance of human using the software. The colors used in the UI, positioning of the buttons, text boxes etc on the screen will affect the human behavior and interaction.The role of cognition and computation in the development of state-of-the art technologies such as human computational interaction in aviation, air traffic control, medical diagnosis, robotics and tele-robotics, and the design and engineering of cognitive artifacts are the major arenas of work under this program.  Improvement of the efficiency of the users like pilots, astronauts etc using software systems under pressure conditions and real time situations are also a part of such studies.

As HASE (Human Aspect in Software Engineering) covers the tracking of software failure to human factors of the developers, UCSD covers the psychological impact of UI on the users of the system.