Divisive politics exploits   the fissures in the society for political mileage. Using divisive politics as the tool to generate favor among the voters has been an old methodology in India. Divisive politics has been constantly into play right from 1984’s Blue Star operation to recent clashes in Rajasthan. Recent verbal warfare accompanied by violent clashes in Maharashtra using regionalism as the framework to capture vote banks is one of the example of divisive politics.

India boasts of a secular state and an amalgamation of diverse cultures but do divisive politicians playing devil in the society portray an India which is a cross-cultural web (one which is sketched by tourism program ‘Incredible India’). Caste based reservations were fabricated in 1947 with an aim to bridge gaps between various strata of society but now has become a tool for divisive politicians to exploit the ignorance.  Indian society which easily absorbed the cultures of kings and colonies who conquered or transgressed in India now detests the differences among itself.  

Poverty and ignorance are the two pillars on which the divisive politics fundamentals stands. Terrorists exploit the society on the basis of religion similarly divisive politicians divide the society exploiting the ignorance and poverty for political mileage. ‘Society Terrorists’ would not be a misnomer for divisive politicians. Divisive politicians today are creating an invisible enemy “Hatred” which would soil the harmony in India.

Weigh the Indian population welfare and the Indian vote bank on politicians’ weigh, you will find vote bank weighing more than welfare. Divisiveness is a huge tree deep rooted in the mindset of Indian population. When this tree will fall it will shake the earth.