Movie Review : Kambakht Ishq

Kambakht Ishq Akshay Kareena

Kambakht Ishq Akshay Kareena

This is my first movie review. Though I am not a movie buff, but movie Kambakht Ishq evoked strong feelings in me to pen down my observations about the movie. Marketing of the movie combined with the fact that Kambhaqt Ishq was one among the few movies to be released after the strike caused more than normal turnout for the movie. Movie critics showed thumbs down to the movie and below are some of my observations which I feel justify the ratings:

  1. The movie was a built on a plot which moved at a faster pace than at a pace at which the audience could grasp the emotion which the movie wanted to evoke and impress on the audience. Example: Akshay and Kareena’s love lasted only a song length which was followed by a sudden turn of events which puts Akshay into state of shock. I as an audience could not appreciate such a swift turn of events because the movie did not allow me sufficient time to fathom how love of Akshay and Kareena which is only a song’s length could become life turning event for Akshay.
  2. Movie was based on an old cliché plot of war between the sexes and could not differentiate itself among the others in the same category.
  3. Kareena could not do justice to the two contrasting characters viz 1.) Soft hearted loving woman fallen in love with a guy and 2) Woman filled with hatred for men. However, Akshay was value for money.

I would hence rate 1 out of 5 for Kambhakt Ishq.