Rising sea levels, melting ice, green house effect, CO2 emission, green consciousness etc are the buzzwords in national and international parleys. A regular reader today necessarily comes across green articles (articles on environment) regularly in print and electronic media.  But does reading and observing necessarily mean understanding the problem and following measures to uproot the menace?  Answer to the question is not a categorical “NO”.

Managers of today have been instilled to think green (both greenbacks and environment friendly aspect). Countries like Canada have passed legislations to contain pollution. KYOTO Protocol even though a slightly unsuccessful one gives an indication of environment concerns of world politics. Developing countries are at crossroads where they need to identify their stands. Does this mean Indian government needs to do away with cost effective, economical and non-green industrial measures at the cost of growth? Indian government on one hand tries to identify itself as green and at the same time exercises more than 100% excise duty on Hybrid cars.

But what does common man of India have to contribute to the program? Batti Band, Mumbai unplug etc have spread the news to city dwellers. Initiatives to percolate the green awareness have long way to instill the knowledge in hoi-polloi of India. The moment we are able to fix green thoughts in common man we would observe a changing world towards a better world.