Stop Selling Spaces

Only 0.4% internet users click on the banners on the site. Out of these 0.4% users only 0.2% after realising that the banner click took them to a promotional site rather than a content site explore the brand into pages beneath the first page.

So, for Online Advertisers it is must to “Stop Selling Space” as the space available on internet is unlimited in sharp contrast to print media where space is limted. Modern Online advertisers track customer profiles using the content of the mails they recieve, articles they read on newsletters etc. Using profile tracking one can target prospective customers as one can target customers using Do Not Disturb Register in case of telemarketting.

This kind of profile tracking and targetting customers allows an advertiser to bring down their cost and also does not irritate customers. Hence, one on internet does not sell space but sells on the basis of Profile of Customers he has on distribution list. Say if google has 1000 customers with profile being interest in finance and axil has only 500 customers with profile being interest n finance google can charge more as compared to axil for advertising finance products.

So, for Online Advertisers the tag line has changed to “SELLING PROFILES“.