About Me

I am a quarter decade aged “Mallu turned Blogger” with no regional affiliations as I have lived in all nearly 8 cities and towns of India across different parts of India. I belong to the posse of “engineer turned MBAs” who spend most of their time either glued to the laptop screens or dozing off (three quarter of my day is spent on laptop or in sleep).

I started this blog in 2008 with an idea to express my opinions and views with complete freedom (The blog derives its name from the French Word “Carteblanche” which means complete freedom). Things I have written about include my view on many society related issues, economy related issues, movie and book reviews, MBA and education. (My comments on an article of Business World Magazine recently was published – One of my highs in writing – See the published comment here under the name Pradeep Mathew, Delhi)

Off late my blog has turned into book reviews blog, which reflects my interest in reading to which I devote nearly 5% of my day’s time. My reading is predominantly fictional work and is not author or genre specific. Recently, I have been contributing to the book review program of blogadda –my second high in writing. You can find some of my recent book reviews here.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am still unable to get the data required to start a NGO to help the farmers. I am still searching and shall not rest until I do something for my community of farmers.
    In context with the topic of farmer suicides I would like to send you a letter addressed to Mrs.Clinton by a voter in USA which sort of exposes Bill Clinton’s hand in promoting Monsantos Interests in GE seeds and BGH for milch animals. Pl send me your Email address.
    Please enlight me about Social Entrepreunership.
    With Regards and Best Wishes.

  2. Hi,

    I came across your blog via a link and found your work impressive.
    I was wondering if you like to work for my website blog.

    My email is viten@quetzal.in. We can discuss in detail about this through email or over phone. If possible can you mail me your contact information.

    Thanks and regards,


  3. Hi,

    This is Anjita here from ODE(Print only) Magazine, Hyderabad. ODE is primarily a youth magazine.The magazine is right now available only in hyderabad. ODE is Feel-Write-Publish magazine where the readers are themselves the writers and is five months old.

    I had gone through your blog http://www.arteblancheleeway.wordpress.com and found your work quite impressive. I wanted your permission to publish a few of your posts in the August and September issue. The copyrights will be entirely yours. In case if we need to cut short the article to fit it in the frames that are specifically made to keep check on the number of words then we will take your permission before going ahead.

    I hope we get positive response from you. Please contact me on the email id anjita87@gmail.com for any further queries. Thanks.

    Anjita Lal
    Associate Editor,
    ODE-Of Distinct Expressions

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