Things I know about Love

Things I know about Love Cover Page

Things I know about Love Cover Page

Kate le Vann might just deceive many readers by offering a contemporary romance read under the disguise of a chick-lit cover page of her novel “Things I know about Love”.

Livia, the protagonist of the story – 17 year old Brit girl, has been suffering with Leukemia and is on summer holiday in Princeton when she decides to file her romantic entanglements in a private blog to make observations about love (read Livia’s observation about love in red ink below). In her blog posts, she also reflects upon her past relationships as she tries to understand how to work out love. During the four week break in Princeton she falls for Adam, which becomes the theme of the second half of the book. Livia is a strong teenage girl while Adam is a super-cool boyfriend.

1. People don't always tell you the truth about how they feel
2. Nothing that happens between two people is guaranteed to be private
3. I don't know if you ever get over having your heart broken

The author tells the story via blog posts of Livia and Adam – an out of box stuff. One might take some time to adjust to the format of the book and to the language of the book (words like blimey, sussed, woozy, yowza etc might seem strange to many). The pace of the story is quick but the story has flashes of thought provoking content and hence I am tempted to categorize the novel in the contemporary romance genre rather than in the young adult genre. The quick pace of the story often does not allow reader to connect with the emotions of the characters. The author should have invested a tad more in evolving the characters and emotions.

The story ends abruptly and is heartbreaking. Though a quick read (167 page book which one can easily read in one sitting), it is not completely a light-read as the themes of young love and loss speak to the reader’s heart.


One thought on “Things I know about Love

  1. You may have not intended to do so, but I think you have managed to express the state of mind that a lot of people are in. The sense of wanting to help, but not knowing how or where, is something a lot of us are going through.

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