The Satyam Saga

The Satyam Saga”, a Business Standard publication book, is an anthology of articles by journalists of Business Standard covering multiple facets of the Satyam Scandal, referred as biggest corporate scandal of India Inc. The book not only chronicles the turn of events in the Satyam Scandal but also covers other related areas like Corporate Governance, Multiplicity of Investigating Agencies, Regulatory Measures of Indian Inc etc.

The articles form a good ground for initiating discussions and debates on issues raised during the scandal like role of independent directors and auditors, business-politics nexus, principle agent theory and crisis management. The articles do not detail much on each of the above management topics and the readers should not expect to derive much detail on these topics as these are presented in a cursory manner.

The facts and quotes presented by the authors are not biased in nature. Book dedicates a few chapters to understand Ramalinga Raju’s mindset, though the articles are non-conclusive in nature. A few inferences about Ramalinga Raju’s attitude and business acumen are:

  1. Ramalinga Raju was an aggressive but media shy businessman one who wanted to jump to 1000 from 100 without talking about 200, 300 etc. This aggression might have led him to inflate the books to be among the Big 4 IT league of India.
  2. Ramalinga Raju played his cards close to the chest which precisely meant that the large section of the top management was unaware of the misdemeanours of the Satyam chief.
  3. As expected from a true entrepreneur he was good at networking skills as displayed by his closeness with Chandrashekhar Naidu, Y S Reddy, association with Bill Gates and APJ Abdul Kalam Azad which allegedly might have won him many business.

Book also presents details on Social Enterprise of Satyam like EMRI, HMRI and Satyam Foundation.  The reader would be awed at the doing good philosophy of Mr Raju which earned him great respect among his community and near-dears. The facts presented in the book drive the point that had the directors and auditors played their role responsibly the misdemeanour would have been unveiled ages ago. The book can be recommended to business and management book readers who want to get hang of events in Satyam Saga.


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    • Thanks Rajeev for the applause. I am personally an alumni of Satyam and from your posts I presume you are also a Satyamite.

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