If God was a Banker – Book Review

If God was a Banker” by “Ravi Subramanian” similar to my recent readings “Watchout We are MBA” and “Two States” also comes from the league of authors who are member of alumni clubs of premiere B-Schools of India. The story is of two bankers of New York International Bank (NYIB) who started their career together post their MBA from IIMs.  The story majorly revolves around five characters viz Sundeep, an arrogant and overconfident graduate from IIM Ahmadabad; Swami, a modest and honest chap from IIM Bangalore, Kalpana a campus recruit for NYIB who goes on to marry Swami; Aditya, the first boss of Swami, Sundeep and Kalpana; Natasha, secretary of Aditya whom Sundeep gets married to.

The story is a narration of career progression of Swami and Sundeep in the bank. Though both started off from the same point, the paths charted by each of them differed largely.  Sundeep is presented as a result oriented professional for whom result mattered the most not the means. Sundeep in the race of making a good career falls in pray of Naresh which leads to his infidelity to wife Natasha and him becoming a Casanova, maintaining illicit relations with women colleagues of his bank.  Association with Naresh aids Sundeep in making a faster career progression within NYIB which Sundeep returns with multiple and illegal repeat business of NYIB with Naresh.

While Swami, a modest IIM Bangalore graduate from middle class background is presented as a man with strong reputation and with integrity. Sundeep in his way up the ladder faults multiple times on moral and integrity fronts. The expose of his faults during an audit ends his banking career but the support of Aditya and Swami ensures no public reprimand for his deeds.

The story subtly brings out some of the corporate issues of the like Glass Ceiling, sexual encounters at work place etc. The story is slightly engrossing in nature and in some patches becomes slightly boring. The story sometimes seems to be inspired by Bollywood movies where an arrogant boss takes advantage of his women sub-ordinates belonging to middle class background. Well, it’s a 2.5 rating off 5.


4 thoughts on “If God was a Banker – Book Review

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  3. if someone asks me to rate this book against all contemporary campus stories, I would rate it much below Mediocre But Arrogant but slightly higher than One Night at Call Center.

  4. Oh this book was a terrible read. The editing was pathetic, and the storyline itself was nothing short of plagiarism. I mean, just jotting down day-to-day events in a foreign bank does not warrant to be called ‘writing’!! I would give this book a 1 on 5, and even that, only for making a good journal of entries of life in a Bank. Not for creativity and certainly not for writing ability.

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