Book Review – Creation of Wealth CSR Perspective

The book “Creation of Wealth” by “R.M Lala” gives a detailed account of Tata Group’s leadership in industrialization of India from 19th century to 21st century. The book is able to bring out the courage and the vision of the Tata Group visionaries. Readers would be amazed by the firsts TATA group has been able to accomplish for India as well as for the world. The author is able to bring out the vision of TATA’s effectively i.e.  “To build nation rather than to build industries”.

The blog targets majorly the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives mentioned in the book and has been presented by me in the form of a presentation. The blog brings out initiatives like women employment, rural development programs, new industrial culture, employee welfare programs, learning initiatives, universal trusts etc initiated by TATA Group.

Some of the new industrial practices brought by TATA on to the table include:

  1. Eight Hour Work Culture
  2. Labor Management Consultative Councils
  3. Profit Sharing Scheme

Snapshots of CSR initiatives by TATA Group has been presented in the presentation attached. Hope you find the presentation informative and insightful.


Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai shot at NMIMS

Well, Riteish proved to be a good entertainer than me and most of my friends thought him to be. The visit was scheduled to shoot a video album for the film “Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai”. The actor accompanied by actress Jacqueline Fernandes, actor Vishal, Ruslaan, Sonal and Shaan. The shoot was fun and Riteish was very entertaining. Hope to see ourselves immortalized in the movie. Till then you can watch a few shots I captured using my mobile phone.