Book Review – The Goal by Goldratt

The Goal” by “Eliyahu M. Goldratt” is one of the books highly recommended by all Operations Management faculty of our college. The effectiveness of the book can be judged by the fact that it can be seen at the book shelves of every Operations Faculty in our campus. Moreover, one of the faculty conducts test on the concepts presented by the author in the book thereby reading of the book becomes compulsory for the students.

The author has very effectively elucidated the fact that majority of the times professionals do not go by common sense but are driven by measurements and parameters which are superficial in nature and do not reveal any fundamental principle. The book teaches various principles about operations management in the form of a story in which the Plant Manager is forced to take up newer methods to turn around his plant in the times of recession. The plant manager in his journey to turn-around his plant is aided and guided by his physics teacher “Jonnah”. The plant manager is astonished to find that the measurement parameters used by his company did not reveal the ground reality. The author brings out the fact that we do not follow common sense but common practise and hence tend to fall in the trap of stereotyped. Readers would also be amazed to find that the methods suggested by “Jonnah” to turnaround the plant are driven by common sense and fundamental thinking and are by no means rocket science.

The book forms a quick read and can be recommended to Operations professionals and MBA Students under the Operations discipline. The book requires reader to have basic understanding of Operation Management. The book is gripping in nature and deserves a 3.5 star of 5.


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