RANN – Movie Review

“RANN” starred by Amitabh Bachchan carries a strong social message of “Responsible Journalism”. Cornerstone of the movie’s plot is the commercialization of Media Industry and thereby sensualisation of the information to improve TRP of news channel. The movie begins with visuals of news channels displaying sensitized information in the form of episodes like Yamraj, Sach ka Dhamaka etc

The movie is built around the misuse of media and news channels by politicians for their advantage which strikes a chord in me about the last the lecture of Corporate Social Responsibility in which our professor “Shobhna Vohra” screened a video about the misuse of Mass Communication by Bush during the election time for changing public opinion about Gulf War.

Amitabh is presented as a clean and influential journalist driven by ethics who believes in social responsibility attached with the news industry and hence does not adopt the common tactics used by other news channels to improve TRP of the channels. In contrast his son is the drive by the passion to improve the TRP of the channel. In pursuit of improving the TRP his son stoops to help the opposition party in overthrowing the incumbent Prime Minister by misuse of the channel.

The movie becomes a bit boring as visuals of the sensualised news episodes by news channels are presented multiple times in the movie. The story line becomes very much predictable post the interval. The movie also lacked the presence of songs and romance which could engross the audience. Also the last news presentation by Amitabh Bachchan in the movie is nearly a ten minute monologue and hence adds to the boredom. Overall, I offer a 2 rating of 5 star rating.


4 thoughts on “RANN – Movie Review

  1. Starting on a positive note, the movie theme is extremely interesting and relevant though it has failed in gettin the kind of reponse required from its audience.

    If we take many of Aamir Khan movies into consideration, even they work on a social theme but effectively convey the message and I did hear that a lot of educationalists went and saw the movie to get some lessons out of it. But with media integrity being one of the core issues, this movie had failed to touch the public.

    This makes me think that the direction is the biggest area where this movie has failed. wake up RGV !!!

    Secondly, the SCRIPT. When I try to etch out a small comparison with the other RGV – Amitabh movies, namely Sarkar and Sarkar Raaj, there virtually seems to be no interesting story or a plot in this movie. It seems like a rookie first time ridiculous script after he was inspired by some other movies.

    Thirdly, as well commented by pradeep,the last monologue part of amitabh (extremely uninteresting script though) is extremely boring, and there seems to be no impressive role or performance from wither Amitabh or Paresh Rawal.

    But I give thumbs up to the way Sudeep (Jai) has acted and has managed Hindi very effectively inspite of being a South Indian Actor. Ritesh Dekhmukh acting seems good at times except for the fact that he harldy smiles and seems like a moron who is totally dejected with the system.

    Needless to say, the movie lacks some lighter moments and seems more like a documentry being tried to convert into a movie than an entertainer effectively conveying a social message.

  2. Well, I think Rann was completely a ‘run of the mill’ story..he he..pun absolutely intended. The social message was apparent but the characters could have been a little more ‘etched’..the idealistic patriarch, the devil politician..stereotypes after all..It was probably the character of Jai which was somewhat realistic at the end of the day..Yeah 2/5 should be appropriate..way to go Matty!!!!

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