Watch Out! We are MBA

As a reader, I do not have much flair for reading “Indian Authors” and consequentially my reading of “Indian Authors” has been very limited and hence the reason for me to pick the book “Watch Out! We are MBA” from the stands was that the author “Nishant Kaushik” of the book is an alumnus of my B-School NMIMS, Mumbai.

The novel can be easily categorized into stereotyped class of novels which present a plot constructed in college with friends being the protagonist of the plot. The novel in the discussion presents the protagonist of the novel Nakul’s MBA journey in the B-School campus. Nakul fails to cope with the hardships of the tiring MBA at NMIMS and turns to be directionless in the majority of his journey in the school lest the last few pages of the novel. Nakul’s stay in the B-School is presented to be heavily influenced by his peer group and social circle. The story revolves around this peer group of Nakul and its impact on his personal life and professional dynamics.

The author is definitely quick witted and possesses sense of humour. The presentation of the scene local trains of Mumbai coupled with a few other smaller anecdotes in the novel indicates the deftness in writing capabilities of the author. Usage of management lingos like division of labour, strategize etc in the novel is common among many B-School authors as is the case with Nishant.

Being more acquainted with writings of foreign authors, I had expected a greater description of scenes and characters in the novel. The novel is a fast read and does not offer the luxury to the reader to bask in the elaborate and lengthy descriptions of characters and scenes as presented by many renowned foreign authors.

The book will make a good connect with B-School alumni and present B-Schoolers. Summer Internship, CGPA’s role in placement season and tiring assignments/presentations should easily make connect with the readers associated with B-Schools. Book is also a recommend for B-School aspirants, which can offer insights into B-School life awaiting them in the future. Overall, I offer a 3 of 5 Stars Rating.

Happy Reading!!!


4 thoughts on “Watch Out! We are MBA

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  3. Nice review mats…. btw which book is next on the list…. and wat say we co-author a book on our experiences at NM ;)…. It can make headlines…!

  4. Thanks Vismay for the comments. Well a nice thought to start penning down our experiences and then publishing it. Probably the next book review should be on Creation of Wealth.

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