Sense of Urgency

Sense of Urgency


I share Lincoln’s belief in the ideology of “Sense of Urgency”. Apart from me, a prominent leader like Barack Obama and his wife Mitchelle also share the same belief. Obama’s run for White House is also a result of such fierce urgency to contribute to nation’s development. I believe one needs to be driven by a sense of urgency to upgrade himself regularly and to set benchmarks constantly for him and achieving them. A constant sense of urgency displays/maintains enthusiasm level and also displays a person’s need to grow.

Today’s professional sphere needs people imbued with versatility and diversity. One with ability and desire to strive forward is one who will chart paths of success. Sense of urgency ignites the hope and need in a person to break through the still rooted life which can boil all the hope out of an individual. One needs to see through the veils of impossibility to look at the sea of opportunities and sustain such dreams and efforts with sense of urgency.


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