Definition of Education – Education encompasses teaching and learning specific skills, and also something less tangible but more profound: the imparting of knowledge, positive judgment and well-developed wisdom. But does man learn?

Today’s school education obfuscates a child’s observation, creative and lateral thinking deftness. Intense level of competition in schools and high aspiration of parents (as very vividly elucidated in the flick “Tare Zameen Par”) represses the future innovative leaders. Albert Einstein, a high school dropout, became one of the most profound thinkers of any century. Plato and Socartes carved many renowned theories without any formal education. An S P JAIN (a renowned B-School in India) pass out once commented that “MBA prevents one from exposing himself to entrepreneurship. The risk understanding instilled in a MBA graduate actually averts one from venturing into new innovative and out-of-box ideas and solutions.”

If you were in Mumbai and were clients of Dabawala’s service you would have understood the contrast between the educated efforts we in MNC’s put in with the best possible machines (laptops etc) and processes to get the SIX SIGMA concept implemented and the ease with which DABAWALAS (mostly illiterate using only color codes) manage to get less than 3 errors in 1 million attempts. Where is education leading us to?

World War 1 caused huge number of lives to be lost still humankind in times of World War 2(which was more educated than the times of World War 1) could not prevent itself from entering another massacre of WAR. The war story may not end here the humankind might end up fighting for water, food, land and opportunity in times to come.  

Retrospection on such incidences and facts boggles my mind with a question – “DOES MAN LEARN? And DOES EDUCATION RUIN?”