“P.S. I LOVE YOU” by “Cecelia Ahern” is a novel targeted at a rather bohemian topic of bereavement process of a young widow. The novel is a homogeneous blend of romance and comedy. Protagonist of the story Holly Kennedy is sketched as a character whose sole aim was to care and to love Gerry her dying husband in the last few days of her husband’s life. Death of her husband leaves her with no objective to live for. She forgets that life goes on and dislikes/deters from making new experiences and memories in life.

But a parcel containing 10 letters from her dead husband channels new direction to her life. She comes to believe that “Sometimes it’s about living life one letter a time”. Each letter a month from her husband makes decisions about her life and she abides by them even though she dislikes many of the ideas. By the time she reads the last letter she understands that her husband’s intention behind the planned letters. She gets to know that life is to be celebrated and to be lead by free following of your heart.

Though some of the critics of the novel have carped about the little research done behind the writing by the young author, I would appreciate the deftness of the young author to present a grave issue combined with romance which eventually compensates for the little research. A sudden shift from a serious topic to a light comic issue can be observed in various conversations in the story. The novel is a good, intriguing and touching read.


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